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Friday, April 08, 2011

Train or Model

I was reading SETH GODIN blog and in a post he had this to say...
We train kids to deal with teachers in a certain way: Find out what they want, and do that, just barely, because there are other things to work on. Figure out how to say back exactly what they want to hear, with the least amount of effort, and you are a 'good student.
I quit reading the rest of the post because it spurned this blog post immediately.

How's that for ADD??

As a youth pastor do I train students to deal with their relationship with Christ a certain way?  Now I need to stop and REALLY ask this tough question of myself.  Do I train students if they go to this event, or read this book of the Bible, or develop this certain spiritual discipline, or have this mindset then their relationship with Christ will be stellar?
As a youth pastor do I model that a relationship with Christ is about being obedient to Jesus' leading, trusting the moving of the Holy Spirit as I come to understand the Scriptures and a wrestling that faith (and even how God moves) isn't clean cut cause it has doubt, uncertainty and unpredictability with it?

I deal with teenagers that live in such a performance based society that the same emphasis creeps into how they view their relationship with God.  DANG-IT even I deal with this wrestle!
I am fairly certain that as I read how God has interacted with people throughout history you CANNOT depend on God moving a certain way based on your actions.  God is going to move as He wants to and its up to us to be obedient to His Spirit as He leads us to a life of obedience to Him.

Your thoughts on this??

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