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Friday, April 01, 2011

Married with Children Continue

Why I Love Marriage with Children points 4, 5 & 6

I am confident that the amount of adventure we try to keep as an active part of our family helps with my kids curiosity level.  But I also know that where my kids are at developmentally curiosity is needed for them to develop a worldview on life.  I need to fuel their curiosity with gasoline, not cotton swabs.  But I also need to help them know their curiosity can be enjoyed with boundaries.
But this is marriage with Children....I love my wife's curiosity in life!
Kim could have easily been a cultural anthropologist--no joke.  She has a unique ability to look at social settings, people groupings & have some great insights.  My wife also loves to learn, loves to learn and be a part of a lot of creative opportunities.  She loves to have her hands involved with as many creative projects she cans.  Her curiosity in learning how to create or the challenge to create something is something I love her for!  It gives our kids a great example & it challenges me to stay curious in the areas of life I love to think about and learn about.

5-Intimacy & Relational Closeness
I value closeness.  It is a serious value for me in our marriage & to have a relationship with our kids that is close, open & honest.  I want to create places in our family where relational, spiritual, emotional & physical intimacy occurs with regularity.
I believe with a great conviction that Intimacy & Relational Closeness is one of the HARDEST elements to keep healthy in a family.  It takes daily time, patience, conversation, selfless acts, maturity, mindfulness of others, proper desires, willingness to be wrong & the strength to ask for forgiveness.

Everyday our family has new dynamics added to it.  We are litterly a day older, married one more day, dealing with a new set of circumstances that bring new change or conversations, & allowing God's Spirit to continue to make us a new creation in Christ.  EVERYTHING we do each day has new implications.
I love the building factor of our marriage & family.  Everyday we add a little bit more to the foundation of the family we are building to make it a bit stronger, a bit more effective, more willing to serve each other, a deeper desire in our following of Christ and also the love of life.  As we add each day to our family we see new things happening.  The NEW factor in our family is awesome, thrilling & also helps me feel like we aren't wasting our lives.

There ya go, some points as to why I love being MARRIED WITH CHILDREN!

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