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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Married with Children Continued

Why I love my marriage & children points 3 & 4

3- Adventures

I love adventures.  I dis-like mediocrity.  I like adrenaline.  I dis-like boredom.

I love that my wife & my kids (so far) exhibit the same desires.  Regardless of it being a hike in the woods, exploring a museum, random road-trip stops or creative imaginations that turn a garage into a pirate ship.  I believe that adventures help keep curiosity at the forefront of people's lives and for me as my families leader that is a HUGE priority for me.  I also have seen that helping my boys explore with an adventurous mindset has encouraged them to explore life "out of a box".  Adventure also creates a huge sense of relational intimacy.  You share exciting moments together & those moments draw people deeper in their love, trust & care for one another.

4-Chaos Mess

You ever walk into your house and trip over shoes, step on Army men, to have to step over NERF guns then have to clear off dirty dishes off your table before dinner that night?  Do you then ever say to yourself "What a mess?"

I do...and often I smile.  No Joke I really do smile.  I love being able to see a home that my sons love being in.  I love seeing their stuff all around & I also love having to pick up after them.  I often need to remind myself that the Chaos/Mess I feel in life when my kids create it is something that needs to be enjoyed and I would argue cherished.  Because not too long they'll be pre-teen, then teenagers & then off to college where I won't have the joy of seeing them or their crud every day.
I might get annoyed over the sore foot from the army men or the crusted milk in a glass that needs scrubbed a little more but its my kids who create that.  My own sons.  That is something I can cherish & enjoy!

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