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Friday, April 30, 2010

Why I Read

I read because i love to learn.

I read because i get lost in the thoughts of others.

I read because when i get lost in the thoughts of others it challenges me to really think about who I am.

I read because it is soothing.

I read because it is healing.

I read because I am not that smart about certain areas of life.

I read because I value learning some insights that help me see others insights that allow me to share some other insights.

I read because I get bored.

I read because I grow in knowledge, understanding, passion & compassion.

I hardly ever read fiction.

I will read ANYTHING written by Brennan Manning, Abraham Heschel or A.W. Tozer

I will read almost anything written by Donald Miller, Doug Fields, Brad H. Young, Erwin McManus, Rob Bell

I will put a book down if the first 2 Chapters suck

I read because God and I have some very sweet moments together when I take time to read

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