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Friday, April 30, 2010

Leadership Learnings

Our church staff went to CATALYST. Almost all business ventures have some sort of conference that employees can go to. In most cases it tends to be a "what is the competition doing" type conference or a sales convention. So yes even the church world has conferences.

This year there were some great communicators, authors, activists and even a comedian. The whole reason i enjoy conferences is really it gives me a chance to set my normal routine aside & allow myself to refresh & grow as a leader.

I took home a couple really key points that are for my life, my family & even the ministry I lead. I am going to give you the bullet points of what I took away from the conference;

A big one was from an interview between Dallas Willard & John Ortberg. Dallas Willard shared this quote: "The gospel of Jesus Christ is about getting you into heaven BEFORE you die."

From Donald Miller; "Conflict in necessary in any STORY. Conflict allows a key character to be forced to move. Drawn to a life they didn't know what there waiting for them."

I had so many thoughts & journal writings on this statement as it applies to Sanctification & our life with Christ. From first surrendering to Jesus to our daily walk with him.

From Andy Stanley; "What can be given up, let go, shared, given away for you to be the best leader with the strengths YOU have?"

"Authority is the NOT the same as competency"

A big thought that i spent quite a bit thinking about in all aspects of my life was WHAT CAN I QUIT DOING? If i asked myself this Two times a year with A LOT of intentionality behind the question i think i could keep my calendar, my head, my ministry & my family getting more of my quality time as well as quantity time.

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