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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Kid

Tonight Cole told me that he never wanted to move out of the house, even after he graduates high school.

I have no clue where he learned that after high school you move out but regardless it caught me off guard. In catching me off guard I said something along the lines of we'll worry about that later cause right now Dad never wants you to stop living with me and mommy.

But that little statement got me thinking, more than i usually due during a pizza dinner with my kids. I love my kids. I love spending time with them and all the comical moments they bring into my life. But part of my role as a dad is get my kids ready to be on their own. To be a blessing in society. To be someone who fears God, loves Christ and lives their life impacting His kingdom. I think one of the scariest prayers a parent can pray is "God thanks for my kid. Whatever you want their life to look like just help me know so i can be a part of shaping it." I prayed a similar prayed before we left the hospital with each of our sons--it scared me then and still scares me when i pray that. Not a scare of fear, but a scare of "will i listen when God speaks?"

I hope that my kids see something in my life, the life of those closest to me who love Jesus that there is a deep connection between who Christ is and what a life lived for him is all about. I hope my kids get amazed by the truth of Jesus and live a life that honors, serves and glorifies Him.

12 years from now when Cole graduates high school I am sure he'll be ready to leave our home. I just hope i have prepared and helped him to get to that point!

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