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Friday, August 14, 2009

Vacation Recap #3

Random Sayings;

I kept a record of random phrases or comments made by us or others along our adventure & here they are!

  • Only in Utah will a hostess ask you "Only two kids with you?"
  • When traveling with a car full of boys & only one girl you have to be careful what water bottle you grab....cause it may not be water in that bottle
  • Local mountain communities are cool but you need a real commitment to live there. 1 stoplight, 1 gas station, 1 place to eat out and everyone will know your business
  • Sunsets in the mountain rivals sunsets on a beach anyday
  • Public gas grills are reserved like fire pits...but beach people aren't as rude if you mistake an open pit for a reserved pit
  • People from Indiana think Californians are weird...especially 4th grade math teachers from Indiana
  • I miss mountains, streams & trees in my backyard. I miss the smell, the climate change they create
  • I am pretty sure i pissed off the resort we stayed at a couple nights when i told them that resorts on the beach are much better manicured. I know this cause the manager said "that was rude!"
  • Kremmling Colorado has a skate park. Kremmling, Colorado is in the middle of nowhere but they spend $250,000 on a legit skate park. It is on their high school campus. I thought this was a good move for a small the middle of nowhere.
  • People need Jesus--I was constantly reminded of how many people don't know Christ.

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