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Monday, June 15, 2009

My Wife is Kicking Me Out

Alright so it isn't that severe!

Last week my wife came to me telling me i need to get away by myself for 2-3 days. I need to go think, pray, spend time with Jesus, look forward to this next year of ministry & refresh.

We have some friends who own a cabin in Big Bear and am thankful they are letting me go for free. I leave tonight and will return on Thursday-

On this trip i plan to think & pray. Read the Scriptures. Talk out loud. Relax. Focus on myself.

I mention earlier i have 7 areas i am not happy with myself on and this 2 days away will allow me to start a solid focus on them.

I am grateful for my wife who is pushing me & encouraging me to do this.
I look forward to some special time with Jesus.
I know i need this as a human, husband & father.
I am excited about what this retreat will do in me & then through me!

Will post about it when i get back!

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