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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Not happy...

Not happy.....with myself

I have seen in my life about 7 areas that i am not happy with. Now i know some of you are the curious types and you REALLY want to know what they are. Some are personal but these 4 i will & want to share with you---

1- I am not dreaming anymore.
Right now I am in a phase in life where I am not dreaming a whole lot. Now i ain't talking about the nocturnal types but the 'how the heck can i live life to fullest and affect those around me' type dreaming. I love to dream and dream big. I do not like status quo. I really don't like complacency but right now i feel my life is without a whole lot of dreaming.

2- My speaking quality is below average.
I speak for a living. I speak to groups of people 2-3 times a week. Mostly people under the age of 20 but sometimes to people of all ages. I take pride and i count it a privilege that my life is able to have a voice into the lives of others. But if i open my yapper i want to what comes out of it to be worth the attention span of those listening to me. I feel in the last 4 months my attention to detail in speaking has been reminiscent as that of an info commercial.

3- I am not reading daily.
I love to learn--always have. I learn a lot by reading. Right now my daily life isn't consisting of as much reading as i want it to be. Which means i am not learning, growing or stretching as much as i want to daily.

4- I am not being dependent upon the power of God.
I dig the statement Paul makes in the letter of 1st Corinthians 4. He says the kingdom of God is not about talk but power. I want the power of God in my life, family & lives of the students i share life with. The only way i see that power showing up in those areas is to focus on Jesus and talk with Him constantly & let HIM show up how He wants to.

There the areas of my life I am working on are out there for public view and you are welcome to hold me accountable to them!

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