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Friday, June 12, 2009


To move there must be a force exerted upon another item or object. That force can move an object in a negative or positive direction--

This was a thought i wrote in my moleskin as i was taking a look at our student ministry and getting ready to do some thinking about what is next to come with the upcoming school year.

I want our students to have people who will be positive influences in their lives. I want our students to be forces of hope & love in the lives of their peers and even complete strangers. I desire for all of it to be centered on Christ and His Spirit as it moves through the hearts & souls of those involved with the student ministry.

I also was thinking about my kids and their lives. I so desperately want to be the father who's influence & positive force on my sons is to help them love Jesus, live for Him and be a positive influence to the community around them. I want my sons to be recognized as a crucial part of our family and that they add so much to what our family does and how God is moving through all of us.

Then these thoughts came;

  • What force am I putting on others? Positive or Negative?
  • How am I modeling to our students a life lived for Christ?
  • How am i modeling for my sons what being a man of faith & integrity is about?

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