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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Deal with it~

A little phrase i have been saying for the last couple weeks to my self has been;
"Dude, it is a time!"

Here is why, I value my kids. Dang i love my kids so much! They tend to be so much a focus of my life. Between Jesus moving in my life, my wife, my kids i would say that makes up at least 78% of my mental thinking.
[For those curious the other 22% tends to be made up of Books i am reading, Sports, & wacky creative ideas that i will probably never be able to do but fun to think about]

But in my life my kids tend to want more than their portion of that 78% i a lot them. They want more of it because they ask these things called questions. Anyone else with me on this?

I mean did God really find it funny to create a child's brain to incorporate thoughts, ideas and randomnesses that they turn into a question that is directed at you like you know the all exclusive answer?

What about those times when your kid stares for a loooooong time then speaks and what he speaks is as if Plato himself is teaching his young pupil Aristotle. They think, they process they speak and then they leave it in silence.

But when i pause and say to myself, DUDE it is a time!

Then beauty hits because i see that my kids questioning life is really about them learning and yes they do think i have all the answers. They are waiting on me to help them understand life, faith, culture and even difficult aspects of life. They are leaning on my words and they are building up their world view through me. This is such a beautiful and humbling thing in my life.

With each question it is time for me to point them to life lived with Jesus
With each curiosity it is time for me to help them learn to look at life differently than the world
With each pause and contemplation it is time for me to make sure i help them learn how to think for themselves.

Being a dad is outlandishly amazing and forever humbling at the task of what each day brings, but each day allows for another it is time moment which also has challenged me to make sure that my time with Christ is transforming me daily to the father i need to be-----

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