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Friday, January 02, 2009

Politically Charged

One thing is for sure that political conversations have never been for me nor will they ever.

I know for me i don't care to spend all my time learning the in's and out's of politics. I don't care for the bottom line rules and loopholes of the two parties we have. It also seems what i care about when it does come to politics doesn't matter to anyone else or they have so many 'facts' of how i am wrong that i quick the conversation.

I do know that no body knows how the next 4 years will go with Obama as our leader so don't worry about crap till crap happens and if crap happens. That is my motto for people who think Obama is the next terrible leader. And if you are for Obama remember nobody is perfect so don't paint a picture of him being that way.

I value some of the hopes Obama has but for some people that isn't good enough. I guess what bugs me most about politics is it is opinion based. We have long forgotten that our fore fathers desired a nation where politics was a tool to see health occur in this great nation of it seems it is one more thing to fight over.

I am glad that i care more about Christ's kingdom than the American kingdom and i hope that i can model that for my kids and others around me.

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