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Friday, January 02, 2009

2008 is behind 2009 is here

I was thinking the past couple days what 2008 was like for me personally. So much change has occurred and it was a great year to see God move in me even though a lot of that moving was uncomfortable, challenging and soul stirring.

Highlights from 2008 for me & my family:

  • I lost 50 pounds
  • We moved our family to a new city, new church & new adventure
  • My wife and I had some incredible moments together watching our kids grow
  • I took greater risks on some personal goals
  • My boys played on their first sports teams
  • Cody started public school
  • I got to perform the ceremony at my sisters wedding
  • We got a Wii for Christmas

Lowlights from 2008 for me & my family:

  • Our two dogs had to be shipped to live with my mom in Colorado and we don't have them back yet
  • I still need to loose 20lbs
  • I did not get to go hunting at all in 2008
  • We endured a lot of pain at our last church
  • We left some great friends with our move
  • We are enduring the economic crisis with our house not selling/being taken back by the bank yet

As 2009 is under way i have no goals set in stone but i do know that I will:

Love Jesus with everything I have & let me ravage my heart
Love my wife unconditionally & grow with her
Love my kids with everything in me & challenge them to be young men of God

2009 here we come!

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