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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas is here

Well it has finally hit...Christmas.

That once a year wonderful, joyous holiday we set aside time to enjoy family, friends, food and the birth of Christ.

My family made it all in safely. I am enjoying the time with them as well as the comedy of errors that happens when we are all together. My wife has done an AMAZING job with the house, prepping food as well as making me smile!

This year our boys are old enough that the items that were purchased for them needed more than just 'remove from box' assembly. So we are done putting together a new basketball hoop for Cody, an easel for Cody and then Cole is getting new soccer goals as well as a very cool ball.

The biggest excitement is in a box that is 3 feet by 2 feet by 3 feet. It is Rock Band World Edition for the Wii my family got together to get the boys {and of course mommy & daddy as well}. The looks on their faces will be fun!

A great joy for me was tonight when we were putting the boys down Cody had asked me "Dad, what about the kids in Africa and the water?". We are giving money to THIS as a family Christmas present from all of us to something worth it. I love seeing my kids already at a young age care more about others than themselves. I told him tomorrow we will get on the computer and send the money together.

Last night we went for a drive and here in Orange County this is what some people do with their homes. It was cool to see and spend time together, but i CANNOT imagine the electric bill these people have to pay!

I love having my family together and am very excited for tomorrow so I wish all of you a great Christmas and enjoy the moments that you'll never have back!

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