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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Exciting News!!

I am neglecting my blog due to being fairly busy and although i have 3 blog posts in my head that soon with be touched to internet here is the announcement many of you have been waiting for...

We found out, yesterday, our family is growing! For so long the 4 of us have enjoyed life together, hung out, played football/baseball/soccer, rode scooters, tried to figure out how a healthy family should reflect love, hope & peace to the world around us. But there seemed to be something missing, something that wasn't right. Not that life wasn't already a bit crazy with the 2 boys we already had but Kim and I really felt something was missing so we decided our family should grow a little bit. I often wondered if this day would truly ever happen & now it has. Yes i am happy, a little nervous but very excited!

So it all happened on a Saturday, or at least i think it was a Saturday. Kim and I were on the couch. It started so innocently--Just some talking. Then i leaned over and kissed her cheek & whispered in her ear & that is all it took! She go so excited that the next hour was pure marital bliss. For 4 weeks this little incident went on, several times a week may i add. Then it happened...we found out the exciting news...

We are now a family with 4 Bikes, we bought Kim her own cruiser!!

No more Bike rides with just Dad and the Boys, Mom gets to join us now! The missing piece of Kim not being able to join us on our rode adventures is over and it will be exciting as we cruise all over OC. Oh the fun we have already had!!!

This was us Yesterday

Cody dodging shopping carts

Cole trying to catch Kim

Another view of the new addition


MARY said...

Danny Bowers!!!!!! :) You are so like my hubby with your stories! You made me laugh.....The bike is too cute! I hope this makes your family complete! Love to all

Sarah said...

I almost fell out of my chair at work reading this...congrats on the new bike! :)

melmac said...

this is hysterical. I love the bike! So cute :)

Faith said...

Na na na na (Wizard of Oz) - the bike reminds me of the bike the neighbor lady rode in the Wizard of Oz!! Glad your family is still expanding!!