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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Youth Ministry Tension Moments

The tension of Youth Ministry seems to be always there. I have a phrase that rattles around in my head often "Youth Ministry Tension Moment".

To me it is that moment where you have done everything you can. Postcards were sent out, website update, leaders informed, students invited, music is prepped, video's are edited, message is outlined, night is prayed up again & again.....the only thing left is for students to walk through the door.

To me i don't care if it is a outreach expecting a couple hundred or a reflection night with student leaders where 10 students are coming, i ALWAYS HAVE THESE MOMENTS. It has taken me 9 years of full time ministry to figure out why. Originally it was cause i wanted 'bragging rights' to share how healthy/outstanding/awesome our ministry is. I wanted to be able to show off in the youth ministry world. God quickly checked that in me through my first year. But the tension was still there. As my youth ministry career continued on i realized that it was more about the excitement of seeing the DIVINE interacting with humanity.

I get 'giddy' over seeing students love Jesus more and more with their life. I am blown away when i see a student come to know Jesus. I am moved to tears when students lead with their hearts to serve others instead of their selfishness. I jump for joy when leaders impact students out of love for the kingdom. I LOVE YOUTH MINISTRY!

The tension moment is about anticipating God doing what God always has up. Youth Ministry (for those that are curious about why i do what i do) is about seeing teenagers realize that life is more than what it seems. Life is about questions what our purpose is and if there is more to 'all of this' than what we think about. Youth Ministry is about helping teenagers look into their heart & soul to be stirred by God, realize that God is personal & wants to invade their life with hope, peace & love as they live their lives to the fullest.

The tension moments is also about hoping that as Jesus shows up, everyone is willing to let God doing something in their life they have never imagined! It is about seeing a DIVINE God interacting with Depraved humanity and bringing a glorious union that directs people to fall madly in love with becoming a source of faith, hope & love to the people around them.

It isn't stressful but it is fun seeing how the tension plays out....

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