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Monday, October 27, 2008

Very Cool Sunday

Sunday was a very enjoyable day of ministry and wanted to twitter a bunch of it but i realized a huge blog recap would be better!

It started off with breaking the turn signal on my car. No big deal right? Wrong! The wiring for me to turn my headlights on pulled out so i can't drive it when it is dark at all. So i got a ride to church from a guy down the street.

Our Jr High service was great. I had a Jr High leader teach and another take care of the game (huge win for us 8 months into our new setting). The guy who taught is a Irvine PD so what else, he 'arrests' a kid for a visual teaching aspect and puts him into a small storage bin to illustrate Jonah in the fish's belly.

Then after church I set up for our Let's Make a Deal game night we used as an INVITE NIGHT. It was a great night from food, atmosphere, leader involvement and the game night went very well. I think the funnest moment was seeing two girls go to the wire on a pie eating contest that was absolutely gross. They both almost chucked several times--it was priceless.

The greatest joy for me was definitely the amount of roles the leaders that we have been teaming with filled. It was great to see them interact, lead, teach, hang & interact with the students. It felt like a great win for our ministries and lots of dynamics

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