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Monday, October 27, 2008

Baseball & Boys

For the past 3 weeks I have been coaching both my boys baseball teams. It is been a great joy and at times a pain. Trying to get 4 year olds to share ground balls is hilarious. Most of the time they all gang up on each other, tackle one another then try to be 'the only one' to throw the ball to first. Hitting off a T has been going well for most of them. Cole is really a good natural hitter and has a good arm.

Cody's team is coach pitch and it has been great to see all of them excel over the last few weeks. They are doing a decent job sharing the ground balls as well as really developing the fundamentals of baseball. Cody really wants to excel so he is working hard to get a proper throwing motion as well as hitting. He is starting to really do well as the ball is thrown, watching it and hitting with power!

I think the best part of the ALL DAY (9-2) Saturday's has been the interaction with parents. We have a unique opportunity to share life with these great people and interact with them a very similar level. It is fun getting to know them as much as their kids-
I love watching my two boys be so excited Saturday mornings to be with new friends as well as being able to play a game they are learning to love.

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