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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Christian Ghetto

So it is 12:34am (pst) and I am still up-Here is what my mind is wresting with lately;

Ever notice how Christians try to bring their own sub-culture into everything? I mean look at how much Christians try to turn the world into a large group of people who "think like me & act like me". You can get Christian Phone books, doctor lists, plumbers, teachers & even party clowns. Yipee!

When did we loose track of what God himself called us to do?

Christians create these 'businesses' to be able to 'feel safe'. They throw Christian language into this so it makes sense to them only, it becomes exclusive to those who don't know the insider language. All they are really doing is following the world, just rationalizing the mindset behind it. They create their own ghetto.

A ghetto was originally created as a location to force people to live to keep them from affecting the rest of the population. Funny, Christians are doing this to themselves.
No wonder churches in America are dying!

When did we loose track of what our Savior called us to do?

I guess that is why i tend to not want to hang around certain Christians. Those that choose to hide from life are not obeying God's call. Our creator became 'incarnate' & dwelt among us. We are told to GO make disciples, not of other Christians but of those who don't have a relationship with Christ.

So many churches have a 'believe BEFORE belong' mindset. You have to believe exactly what we want you to believe before you can belong to our community. When will we become a place where people can belong and work out their faith with us & not be put before us to 'perform' accordingly?

I live my life wanting to engage people in life. Because life is spiritual. Where do Christians get off believing that they actually create a healthy spiritual setting by throwing in good, safe, comfortable sayings only between each other?

WE ARE SPIRITUAL. Not our businesses or church services, but at the core of who we are. Where we live and what we do is spiritual, do we reflect our Creator and his heart by living in our own ghetto? I venture to say no. We need to be more like Christ and less like a Christian.

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