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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Abdication of Responsibility

Abdication of Responsibility

This is a phrase that has been in my head lately. I don't know how it got there, but it is. I find that many people live by this concept, intentionally or unintentionally. Many people in life tend to look at what they have to do vs. what they want to do as they go through their day. In a recent observation I had during a conversation between two people

Person 1: dude pick up that piece of trash you just dropped
Person 2: why it isn't my job
Person 1: then whose is it?
Person 2: don't know & don't care

Now you can take this observation as a random occurrence or assume that because i work with teenagers it was a conversation between 2 teenagers. Well it wasn't, it was between 2 grown men. Both driving high end cars and both wearing shoes that cost as much as my car payment. Those that know me know i don't judge people and am an eternal optimist when it comes to people. So I share all these facts to help put into perspective what i was observing, i was watching an individual 'fail an unfulfilled role' or the definition of 'Abdication'.

People have such a 'me' first mentality and truthfully so do I. I can't look at someone else and say "gosh they are an idiot" if i don't look at myself and hold myself accountable.

Am I Abdicating myself of Responsibility?
Am I living my life allowing my soul to be called by Christ daily?
Do I care for those around me who aren't on a faith journey with Christ?
Am i concerned for my wife & kids spirituality?
Do I care that i am adding something to society or taking away from it?
Every where I go, do I consider how i communicate both verbally & non-verbally?

Christ calls us to be responsible in everything! But how often do we fail or un-fulfill the role of a follower of Christ? Do we take the calling on our lives too lightly?

These are some wrestling's of my heart lately--

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