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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why Life's Business Can't Affect Me

I heard a quote in college that has never left me "Business RAPES relationships"

In life this is so true. If I am too busy for my wife than our relationship is stripped of its joy. If i am too busy for my boys than my relationship with them becomes shallow and I am not investing into them. If i am too busy for extended family then how can we actually be a family. If i am too busy for students than what the heck am I doing as a youth pastor.

Business cannot take over and if it does then you are no longer any value to anyone around you. I have noticed this in my life as i have wrestled with 'so much' on my plate. Certain things have to take a back seat and it is ok if you feel a little 'sick' as to it not being the way you would want it.

I think the severity of the word RAPE is what has always stuck with me from the quote. Business can savagely attack relationships but only if you let it. It has been cool in the last few days to see my be able to say 'no' to business and 'yes' to relationships.

Josh Griffin had a great post on the harm of always being "on" the other day if you want more thoughts along the same lines.

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