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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Denver Broncos

Tonight my favorite NFL team is playing. It is not just a game it is THE RIVALRY. Every since i remember denver HATES the raiders. These games have been always fun to watch (when denver wins that is).

So tonight i will eat my baby back ribs, drink a coke with a lime & yell a lot at the TV. But i was thinking about all the memories i have that surround denver games & here they are [in no order of importance]


Karl Mecklenberg makes a 77 yd run to tackle a KC Chief player and forces a fumble on the 1yd line. Prevents the TD & denver wins

Denver looses '96 playoff game to jacksonville. Brunell was QB & my wife was with me on a date. She still wanted to marry me after that game :)

Denver goes on in '97 & '98 to win SUPER BOWL

Denver gives up a missed FG attempt to Ravens & Ravens REED runs it back for TD in '02. We were in Irvine thinking kim was going to have cody that night. We were watching the game on tv to distract kim & I. What a wife i have

Denver gives up 4 quarter td to oakland in the snow

Elam makes a 62 yd FG to set NFL record

Elway makes a 4th quarter come back [i remember 7 vivid ones]

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