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Sunday, October 15, 2006

John Madden & My Mom

So my mom's secretary is pretty cool. Her late husband was john madden's personal coach driver. He died of a sudden heart attack. Madden loved this guy so much that he still pays a lot of $ for herr insurance and other stuff.

So when he is in town he invites her to the games. Here is the kicker, she hates football. So she passes along the invite to my mom & her husband. So the first meeting of madden & my mom he gives her about 8 sports collectables. Including a signed football by Steve Young & Jerry Rice. Another football signed by Brett Favre, Steve Young, Dan Marino, John Elway & Troy Aikman.

So these are going to be passed along to my boys in grateful appreciation. I hope one day i can get a chance to thank the X & O highlight king myself, but until then i will gladly display these treasures with a lot of thrill

Anyway it is my little claim to fame & maybe one day i can meet sir madden

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