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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Update on Guys Only Weekend

So we have had decent time without Mom here. We had some fun today as we went to the park, fed the geese & ducks and then went on a Mommy surprise trip. She won't read this till we get back so i can tell about it...

We bought balloons, flowers & made a 10' sign with the boy's body outlines, hand prints, foot prints & their own love saying/drawings on it. We taped it up over the entry way to our kitchen with the flowers in vases on the counter and the balloons decorated the living room.

I am glad i can teach my boys how to spoil girls & who better to use as an example than thier own mom!!!

as for me I woke up not feeling too good. Whatever bug i have won't leave. Church should be interesting in the morning...showers, get dressed, get to church & two services. We will see how this goes.

As for watching anything...I can't watch any of our TIVO shows because kim isn't here to watch them with me so my LOST info will have to wait till after i see it. Hopefully tomorrow night!

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