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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Interns & the office

i have brought on 3 interns this year to run the jr high ministry & they are top notch!

However they have to keep time cards. I told them to be detailed (to help with follow-up & how i can continue to guide them) So they gave me a hard time about having "office" time. So here is what they do, stop by the office for 5 minutes and stamp it "was in the office".

Now here is the kicker for me. I hate "office" time. I know stuff needs to get done [computer work, expense sheets, phone calls, emails, etc etc], but youth ministry to me happens more in the marketplace, schools, skate parks, starbucks ( a lot of youth ministry happens here for me).

I told them that if i catch them in the office for unecessary reasons i will fire them.

These interns are great, They LOVE JESUS, They LOVE students, They like youth ministry.

We are walking through Your First Two Years of Youth Ministry together and they are digging the book and conversations it is bringing. I am also sharing good and bad highlights of life in ministry from the past 8 years and they enjoy hearing those stories.

So i love my interns and they also make 5 minutes of my office time worth it!

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