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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Disappointment or Affirmation?

So tonight we had our Volunteer Kick Off, well sorta.

We had 32 people signed up to be some part of the student ministry. We had 11 show up.

A big part of us is disappointed. We really believe that commitment is a huge part of being a part of our staff. We also believe that to really make the most impact you need to be a part of the major volunteer happenings, this is one of those.

We really don't know how to handle this. We don't know where the 21 other people are at or if they are going to back out of the original commitment.

But what we are excited about is the 11 that were there and ready to jump on board.

There are so many mixed emotions about the night. My wife poured so many hours into getting everything ready and she feels the most range of emotions.
I just want to encourage her and hopefully be able to challenge those that missed and see where they are at.

A big highlight was our two boys got to hang out with one of their favorite babysitters, Bonnie. She is a sophomore and an outstanding hide n go seek player with 2 & 3 year olds!

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