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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Back & In Action 2 of 4

So when i was a teenager i had a lot to handle. High School, Baseball (division champ contending team 3 of 4 years), house chores. We own 3 acres and had 3 horses. Hay stacking & moving, mowing a field, discing, etc etc. Well i never thought in all my life that i would be able to allow my kids to see what life was like or have them participate

I got Cody & Cole on the tractor that is about 20 years old and it still drives like a champ!

They had so much fun and it was such a joyful teary eyed moment for me.

I had a little selah moment. I had this image of God smiling larger than me seeing the joy in my heart about what i got to experience with them!

I love my boys & they both have taught me so much

Cody since the day he was born and he looked at me he has taught me to love life beyond what i have ever experienced before

Cole has taught me that laughter & joy comes in every place you look.

I also was able to see my mom, who is so amazing, be able to get a flashback glimpse of what it was like when i was little boy & i was walking around as they were.

I love life & am so thankful that God allows us brief and extended moments of amazement about what we get to experience!

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