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Sunday, September 24, 2006

New idea on relationships

so i have been pondering a new idea on healthy relationships, wanna here it?

well in blog world you have the ability to say no so don't read this. if you say yes, then allow the retna's to download this little bit of info

Healthy relationships can be identified by healthy communication. Well healthy communication to one pair is different than another. So what measuring tool do we use to confirm healthy or not healthy? Some say honesty. Well honesty has it's gray areas to many people. So again what is our measuring tool for honesty? Some say as long as nobody gets hurts...well again how much "hurt" do we do or not do before it is too late?

It seems to me like this can be a vicious circle?!?!

So here is my solution. Create a opportunity for everyone to experience abandonment! A survivor island type setting if you please...

In those moments people will be able to personally weigh out what is essential in life and non-essential. What is essential (which is truth that God has instilled in life) will come forth. Nowthe cost of this adventure is greater than the national debt and even then how many people (out of the 6.2 billion) would actually sign up?

Here is where i got this from. Jesus, Mark 2- calling of LEVI. Something trippd the adventure seeking, truth deprived, wanna be poured into part of matthew's soul and it came out of Jesus' mouth. For each of us, we are on this same survivor adventure. What we get out of it will confirm the legitimacy and level of intimacy our relationship with Jesus has.

For me i know i need more "work" if we can call it that. Or should we call it "life implication?"

any way


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