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Friday, July 28, 2006


Ok so i titled earlier this week that no major surprise had struck yet, but it did today. Little triangle of death action with our high school night, {email me if you want the game details}, and then it hit me.

A good friend of mine is leaving in less than 72 hours. A friend that has shared life with me, ministry, family and even laughed at pathetic jokes of mine. He is not leaving like dying leaving, but moving to another city.

At his move i feel like a part of my joy in life is gone. It feels so good to be so close to someone that when they do leave a part of you hurts badly beyond belief. But also exciting to see what will happen for his future!

I have to say that Jon has been a great role model, friend, sound board & movie date {wife doesn't always like the same movies i do so jon stands in well} but most importantly jon has been willing to share his heart and allow me to share mine.

I will miss you jon, but a 7 hour drive is not that bad for a road trip!!!

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