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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Finances. ARRRRR

Ok so if you know me you know this is a subject i HATE to talk about. I don't use that word to often, but it HATE talking about $.

I believe that God has given us what we enjoy and blesses that above and beyond at times. But for the last 5 months money has been a root of some serious frustrations. We have tried to be creative about how to save more, spend less, stretch the dollar farther. But between dr visits, care repairs and larger bills than normal we have quit staying ahead and are living behind.

So the contemplation on tithing has come about??
I reflect on what Jesus said, Give to ceaser what is ceaser's and to God what is God's. All we own is God's. So for us to give back to God with our hearts and attitudes is key. What we give via tithe is another issue it seems at times. The heart is the focal point. without a doubt! It has been hard to tithe, just being honest. At times so many other things come across the plate that the money could go to. But the "quick click" itunes download seems pretty easy; or the coke at the gas station; the movie rental and on & on.

I have had a gut check as to what my mind set and heart frame are in when it comes to tithing and where things are at. If my heart truly desires to be a leader that love Jesus, lead students to a deeper relationship with him than i am going to put my heart where my mouth is.


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