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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A new week yet no surprises yet

What is it? I mean this whole week (2 days) has started off and we have yet to have a major surprise in schedule or day? VBS is running smooth, jr & high school things are set. Were we so acustomed to the odities of life that we want the mistake day or meeting? AH yes but "hump" day is oh so close to us and who knows what lies in store.

No bites on the care yet, 111 degrees with no A/C is really starting to annoy me! But hey that is life. We could be in St Louis now and have the humidity. Peace to all the bretheren there in St Louis, keep drinking big gulps it may help

I saw this pic and reminded me of a few students i know all too well.

Today gas stepped down to 3.12 so it may actually go below $3 or i wish it would!

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