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Monday, February 02, 2015

A Year and a Journey

It was a year ago this month that I read a resignation letter at one church and our family began a transition of life.  At that point we had no clue what was in our future.  Anger, pain, frustration, worry, fear, joy, relief, jealousy, "why", tears, processing moments, straining moments, stretching moments and so much more has filled all of us this past 12 months.  We never would've thought Missouri would be a state we lived in and honestly never wanted to stray from the West Coast.  And if we were going east moving back to Colorado was the "only option" we had.  But for whatever reason (and we truly do not know or have any insight yet) Jesus saw it fit to land us here.  In time we saw there were strong & clear signs that we had to follow.  And we did, even though it wasn't easy.

There are days I still process all the events that took place and think about a lot of things...

mental typed letters of the coulda, shoulda & woulda's of life
traps & snares that can bind us
false lies that other people speak
chisels of rejection & abandonment 
truthful whispers of hope which is a gift that can free us

Thoughts are powerful.  
Truth is even more powerful.  
And when truth is spoken, seen & observed it will always win.

1 comment:

Joe said...

I'm sure it was extremely hard but as a father of two boys, you are and were a blessing for/to them. Thanks for doing what Jesus asked you to do.