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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

15 Minute Moments

What can I get done in 15 minutes?  I can eat a lunch, call my wife, send several emails & check some social media.  I can do quite a bit, but what can I do with I focussed for 15 minutes and didn't try to multi-task?

I think 15 minutes a day can change your life and the lives of others:

  • I have found in the last few months of my personal life & professional life that a lot can happen in 15 minutes.  I have roughly a 15 minute drive to school each morning with 1 son and a 15 minute walk to school with the other son.  Both are PRIME opportunities to have great conversations.
  • Talking with a leader or a student you can have some great ministry conversations in 15 minutes.
  • Making a phone call to a parent, sibling or an old friend and giving up 15 minutes of your day can help keep a relationship growing and not stale.
  • Pausing and giving your spouse a thorough update of information they really need to be aware of could be the best 15 minutes of your day. 
  • 15 Minutes a day to connect with Jesus can keep your heart and soul sensitive to God's voice in your life

Now if you only every put 15 minutes into every aspect of your life you may only be scratching the surface, feel shallow and you may never really accomplish much.  There are many times where lengthy and in-depth conversations are needed and even mandatory.  But think about it if you developed a habit of regularly taking 15 minutes to be strategic & intentional would you maximize some influence in your life and the lives of others?

Take a meeting scenario for example.  When you want team input & you are dealing with multiple personalities you can get creative and fairly effective results if you break down your meeting time to smaller, intentional segments.  Years ago I borrowing a meeting idea from a friend Brian Berry seeing how you can break down a team meeting in 15-20 minutes this way.

Take a problem or an idea you want to invite other people's perspective on:
  • Take 5 minutes to pitch it
  • Everyone else takes up to 5 minutes to ask clarifying questions of you
  • The team takes 10 minutes to share helps and helps only
  • You personally take 5 minutes to think through action steps based on the interaction.

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