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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

When Will It Stop?

Each day awakes to a new horizon of hope
Each day awakes to the truth that what was future just became present
Each day awakes thinking that today is the today when everything comes closer.

As well each day a cruel reality sinks in somewhere between the snooze button & the french press.  
Or maybe it is happens between the garage door & the office door.
Regardless of where it occurs, it happens.

A yell or a scream can signify it's presence.  
Tho not always audible but definitely always alarming.  
The presence of brokenness.

A broken this or that doesn't matter cause at some point it all breaks.  
Pieces are strewn. Value seems lost. What once felt secure really is shattered.

More you say?  More of "this" is what I get to experience with each new day?
How generous...How fulfilling.
How NOT WORTH IT is the sentiment I want to express.

But isn't worth a value that is conditional based on my own filter?
Why is it that when I cry "I'm done" my cry seems unheard and yet my life still moves from present to future to present?

And the whole key is my life is still moving.
Moving towards a new horizon of hope.
Moving towards a present awareness not of myself.
Moving towards a closeness that only can be eternally WORTH IT!

On Days like today Psalm 138 isn't just a PSALM but it is an echo my soul enjoys the sound of.

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