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Monday, June 30, 2014

Youth Pastors, We are Being Watched!

Youth Pastors here is an honest truth all of us can embrace. What we do & what we say is only a part of our ministry influence. How we act at all times, in all ways, will also be noticed!  
How we drive, How we treat waitresses/waiters, How we talk on our phone, How we work or the effort we put forth, How we speak to other adults, our whole life is being watched.

This past week I received a note from a former student that blessed me. It blessed me because of the detail the student put into the note as well as the implications of the students life.  Here is one line from the note;

I saw how you treated Kim and your boys, you loved them and never hurt them. In the beginning that didn't really matter to me because sometimes families are different behind closed doors. But your kids weren't scared of you and neither was Kim.
To be honest it blew me away that how I treated my wife and kids was such an impact for this student. I've always tried to be conscious of how I treat my family when I am around students to be the same that I do privately. I believe in consistency and authenticity.  
I'm thankful that modeling to students what a healthy marriage can look like has helped many see their is hope for what they want out of life. I'm grateful that how I interact with my own children is noticed and can be an encouragement to other students as well.

I needed this encouragement this week but more importantly I'm grateful that this student is following Jesus. Continually healing from some serious life hurt & not quitting on pursuing health.

The last line of their note that brought some mist to my eyes.
I am so grateful for all you have done. For not abusing my trust, for helping me find God, to LISTENING to me, for caring about me. Back then I had no one, not even my mom. Student Ministry gave me a safe place and without it I know that I would not have made it. So once again, thank you

Youth Pastors & ministry leaders do not forget that who we are is watched at a great detail that just what we say.   

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