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Monday, March 03, 2014


I love Baptisms.  I love seeing students come to life choice of saying yes to Jesus as Lord & Savior of their life and I love when they make the choice to get baptized.  To make a declaration of their faith of an inward commitment and making an outward expression of that faith.  These moments are great reminders for a students walk through life as well as a chance for a faith community to celebrate the decisions the students are making.

I also really enjoy what living in Southern California allows us to do and partake in beach baptisms and on my last official day at Mission Hills Church we had three student baptisms that were a thrill to be a part of!

David is a freshman who has always kept student ministry "interesting" since his nickname has been 21 for his 21 questions he asks about anything & everything.

Lauren is a senior who is heading off to Stanford this fall.  From a student leader, leading worship & now my connection to get tickets to Stanford football games she's been a huge blessing to the student ministry!

Kelli is the 3rd girl from the Bueher family that has been through student ministry.  Kelli has a servants heart and a leaders voice.  It was a privilege to baptize her with her dad eric who is a talented artist.

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