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Monday, January 13, 2014

Sports Fan or Fanatic

College Bowl Season is over.
NFL playoffs have 1 more week.
And then the Superbowl will culminate another football season.
However Basketball is in season, Hockey is in full swing & the Winter Olympics are closing in for the world.

All sports at any level has two types of people watching them.
Fans & Fanatics.

Fanatics are those people who swear their 2-11 team is the best on the planet.  Fanatics are more than armchair quarterbacks they believe they are the teams PR director, player developer & next assistant head coach.
Fanatics will also skip their child's birth to watch a game.  
Fanatics would rather be lifetime pass holders to Mobile RV USA just to have season tickets.  
Fanatics love posting comments on sports articles and they make regular appearances on their local radio call in shows.
Fanatics do crazy stunts in the name of their team including murder or damage to property.
(read this) or  (read this)

Fanatics have a hard time keeping perspective.

Fan's are ok admitting their team sucks…even if it is the 10th year in a row.  
Fans can give the opposing teams fans a hi-five for a job well done.  
Fans enjoy the game itself more than just their team.  
Fans are upset if their team loses, but it doesn't force them into a week of despair. 
Fan's realize there is more to life than just this one game or team.
For many people it's a matter of perspective.  Perspective allows you to be honest with reality.  Perspective has common sense as a thread throughout your actions as well as decisions.  Perspective allows you to enjoy what you enjoy to a deeper sense.

In certain aspects in life I want commitment, dedication & people invested to the things that are most important.
But if we list our values or the things we hold most dear to us [marriage, parenting, children, faith, etc.] would sports really enter the top 5? Top 10?
I'm okay being called "just a fan" and truth be told when my team was playing a playoff game that I could've watched I made the choice to be with family and away from a TV.

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