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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Evaluation & Change Bring Clarity

Over the weekend I wrote up this post that Josh Griffen posted to the DYM Blog [downloadable youth ministry].

I’m a fan of Strength Finder tests.  I don’t think they are the most comprehensive approach to who we are as leaders but every time I’ve take one it’s unique to see what stands out.  One of those traits has always been a learner.  I like to learn, process & apply ideas and strategies.  As with youth ministry we as youth workers have a great setting that allows us to test a lot of different strategies and implement what’ll work the best for our unique setting, church setting & micro-culture of students.
A truth is when we implement something it is usually because something else wasn’t working.  I know for me there are times where removing or altering with an aspect of a program be it large group, small groups, specific events, leadership development or anything else.  If I’m able to see it at a deeper level I need to see if the Gospel is really the foundation it moves out of.

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