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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Power of Conversation

Our student ministry is healthy because of the adults who give of their time to serve as a Life & Faith Mentor to teenagers.  Those mentors have a powerful resource every time they are with a student.  

It is their voice.

Their voice gives them the ability to be intentional with a conversation. 
The power of affirmation spoken into the life of a student.  
The ability to share a wise word. 
The power of just being there to laugh or cry with a student.

We're continually encouraging all of us to be fully present in those conversations with students and to do so we make little handout cards leaders can use to help them think about questions they can ask to guide or direct the conversation time they have with students.

Feel free to copy this and use it for your own ministry setting.  Just send @kimbowers a tweet to say thank you.

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