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Monday, September 30, 2013

Ideas vs Action

The other day I was sitting at a coffee shop working and was overhearing a brainstorming conversation by a group of PTA members.  They were trying to create some fundraisers for the school year and in about 15 minutes time had about 20 ideas of what they could do.  One of the members asked the question "Ok so what are we doing to actually put into action?"
The conversation went silent until another member asked "Does anyone hear want to be in charge of any of the ideas we've discussed?"

There are idea people and there are action people and no matter what industry, family dynamic, leadership role or life setting both types of people are needed.  Idea people are needed to help think, talk out loud and create ideas that allow people to be moved or inspired.  Action people are needed to carry out the tasks and be able to create strategies to implement the ideas.  If you have too many idea people nothing may ever get done except talking about great ideas.  If you only have action people life can become stale & routine because original inspiration can only carry people for so long.

Both are highly valuable and very critical to any sort of system functioning properly.  But if the people involved don't work cohesively then whatever system you are in will be crippled.

If you are an idea person and work in an organization where your idea's aren't allowed to be shared you'll become frustrated.
If your family is stuck in an unhealthy or harmful life cycle and you want to change things but nobody is willing to help you carry out the actions to create change you'll feel like you're drowning.
When you observe a set of circumstances where your experiences & gifting could help make something go from good to great and you aren't allowed to be a part of that solution bitterness or lack of value can set in.

I know there are circumstances where I'm wanting to put ideas into action and also times where I want to create ideas and let others run with them.  Both sides are needed and both types of people need the other to push them to be the best they can be regardless if it's parenting, marriage, job, community change or anything else.

A key with all of this is for each party involved to know their strengths & their weaknesses.  Find how you can settle into your role and never settle for status quo.

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