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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gospel Filtration

Trust is an incredible truth when it is not just experienced but also lived out.  When I am personally trusted I feel empowered and a sense of honor.  It is also a validation of my worth.  Trust also seems to motivate me.  It motivates me to act in a valiant way--to keep that trust cause of my proven actions.

For me to trust someone means I am vulnerable.  I become vulnerable to let them in to the core of me which includes the ugly, dark, shameful, excited, hopeful and dreamer side of me.
When I trust I can bare all.  I can take all that I am, was & want to be and share it freely...but I stop myself for the fear of rejection.

Rejection is one of the hardest things for me to encounter.  When rejection hits it damages me. I believe I am someone else cause I let it define me.  At times I can allow rejection to define how I view myself as a parent, as a husband, as an athlete, as a friend, pastor, lover, dream, adventurer, extravert and human.  I do not always view the rejection in the proper channel.

Trust needs to be at the forefront of my relationship with Jesus.  Not because I worry of being rejected by Jesus because that can't happen.  Trust needs to be at the forefront of my relationship with Jesus because in trusting Jesus I not only live differently but I affirm the truth that Jesus is God and is worth allowing my life to be lived by His leading and not my own.  My validation doesn't come from anything but Jesus Christ himself accepting me as I am and leading me to a life that is worth it!

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