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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Encouragement Attack

Two weeks ago I received a letter from a student that really encouraged me.  I've typed it out & added the image below so you know I'm not faking it.
Hey Danny!
I just wanted to encourage you today & let you know that you are doing a great job! I am extremely thankful for you and Kim helping me navigate how I can start using my spiritual gift of discernment.  I have never felt this much purpose in my role in SOUL (our high school ministry) before I started doing all of this.  It has also brought me a lot closer to God, and carving out lots of time for Him has become something that I desire. I also encourage you to not let yourself or pride get in the way as God tries to accomplish His plans and goals through your life.  I am praying that you would seek God's wisdom and direction first and foremost as you lead our student ministry.  As I was reading & journaling today the word "today" kept popping up in my mind.  How can our ministry impact people today and as individuals how can we impact someone today?  God releases each moment and day for us to enjoy and live it the fullest.  Living for TODAY also calls us to no worry about tomorrow or the future because God is already there.  God wants us to to live rich and satisfying lives! (John 10:10) The reason why I told you about the whole TODAY thing is because I thought that i might help you as you try and balance your time.  Also, (now i could be very wrong...) I could see it as being an interesting series. Any ways, I hope that you have a great week and keep up the good work!

People encourage those around you, it'll do wonders for their SOUL.  If you're in ministry call up another ministry partner or leader and encourage them because they probably need it, I know I did when I got this letter!

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