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Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's My Birthday

I think in the past few years I have developed a different take on my birthday.  Regardless of the year it seemed my birthday never seemed to go the way I'd like.  And my birthday has only been forgotten or not celebrated twice in my lifetime.
From my memory bank there are only a few birthdays that were what I wanted to do or how I'd like to celebrate them. 
Growing up there was usually a family vacation of some sort during my birthday, which was fine and it was still celebrated but it wasn't exactly my ideal. 
In college two a days practices surrounded my birthday as the football season was underway. Out of college a youth trip has always seem to impact both my anniversary & birthday and the anniversary matters more to me to be sure it gets celebrated.

So my take on Birthdays has developed over the past few years into this definition for myself.
Birthdays are a day to celebrate life. But often it seems to matter more to those you are with than yourself. For me it's another day, another day to live, breathe & hopefully be part of building something great with my life.
Birthdays are a day that marks the day your life began, but hopefully a birthday is more about the life you've been living.
Sure, I'd like to celebrate my birthday sometimes in specific ways but those wants can be accomplished other days as well.  What I want to do on my birthday is to treat it like every other day of my year...a day worth living to the fullest extent and living out the story Jesus has me creating.

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