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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shall we Dance or Cower?

From the inner workings of my cranium:

Life has a rhythm. 
It has a beat to it that can either sooth you, energize you or grate against your nerves. 
The rhythm we hear can move us to dance or shadow us to cower.  I don't believe that cowering does much to those who observe us.

But when we dance do we dance for perfection or out of passion?  If we dance to perfect & hear applause don't we miss why our hearts move us to dance?  Are we not moved to dance because something inside of us is compelled to do something?  Are we not moved to dance because we are so enveloped into the rhythm that it feels like it is a part of us?

John 10:14

I am moved, compelled and engulfed in the rhythm of the call of Jesus.  The flow, even when I don't know how long the song will last or even if I like this song...i cannot get away from it.  I want more of it.  Sometimes out of curiosity and sometimes out of pure obsession.

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