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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Two Sides to Every Story

The last two weeks our High School ministry did a series called THERE ARE TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY.  We encouraged students to look at their life, their story they are living, from two perspectives.  Their own perspective & the perspective of others.  Essentially we asked the question that if our identity was set in Christ then our perspective on our life would be through God's lens.  We wouldn't make decisions that define the type of person we are based on the influence of others.

It was an interesting two weeks because each gathering we attempted to challenge students identity.  I've found any message on identity is tricky to prepare because identity is about our character and character is something that develops.  I have seen that for students their identity is heavily wrapped in the perspective of their peers and less about their own convictions.  This is part of why you'll see students shift interest in music, clothes, hobbies & specific choices.

I love seeing the reaction of students & the follow-up conversations from students with series like this.  I love to see students begin to think for themselves about their life and even share with leaders what life is like for them and areas they're trying to process.  From a communicators perspective one major focal point I try to reinforce is encouragement.  Students need encouragement that where they are at isn't where they'll be the rest of their life.  

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