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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jr High Serving Days

I find Jr High Students awkward, odd & amazing all at the same time!  With that here is a truth that 11 years of youth ministry has taught me; Jr High Students need steps to reinforce the process of life transformation they are a part of.

Today our Jr High ministry had our students sign up for a day of serving.  The day included prepping brown bag lunches for the homeless of Santa Ana, participate in a detailed trash pick up of a local beach we all hang at & delivering Operation Christmas Child boxes to a drop off center. 

Each STEP of the day was a BRAND NEW experience for many of the students that participated.  It was interesting to hear some of our students say, 
"I've never made a PB & J sandwich before, what do I do?"  
[Now this could be an entire blot post in itself but I'll save that rant for myself]

I had students tell me; 
"I've never said hello to a homeless person before, we usually just drive by them."

I also had students say;
"I've never noticed trash at this beach before!"

I love giving students opportunities to have their life & faith stretched!  I love watching students have a FIRST TIME ever life experience & walk away different because of it!  I love getting emails from parents saying my kid had a great day, thanks!

I believe a large part of Jr High ministry is giving these students steps to reinforce the process of life transformation they are a part of.  Jesus loves Jr High Students and at this age God's Spirit can move rampantly with great impact if we give them opportunities to continue to take steps of life experience that the LORD can use to shape them!

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