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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Personally I don't like several voices talking to me at the same moment.  It's distracting, I can't be fully present with anyone, It forces me to multi-conversation and that's never healthy and I honestly can't remember conversations when they happen like this.

  • If you're a parent and have more than one child in the home you know this tension.
  • If you're a teacher, you know this tension.
  • If you deal with day trading stocks you're probably not reading my blog, but youtube says you know this tension as well.

Over the past few weeks we've been challenging our high school students to be intentional about where their life is going & if what they are living for is reflective of God's standard for our lives.  However when there are a lot of voices scrambling for our attention it is easy to get distracted by who we should be listening too and it's incredible hard to hear God's voice in the noise of our lives.

I like to be present with God.  I want him to have my undivided attention so He can speak to me as He needs to so my life can honor Him.  So that means I need to;

  • Create dead space so when I go to listen to Jesus nothing can distract me
  • Turn off anything that can speak, make a noise or cause me to get distracted
  • Find a place where I am physically and mentally calm to limit my distractions

You see the theme...limit distractions!  I love what Luke 5:16 records, Jesus got away to pray.
Time to do likewise!

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