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Thursday, June 14, 2012

What Catches You

You can check out a TV Shark Men show about people catching Great White Sharks off the California coast to tag them so they can study their migratory & species habits.  This show was fun to watch at the massive size of animals that the sharks are but also the strategy involved to catch  shark as well as care for it so you don't kill it for this process.

If you watch an episode you'll see them using THIS HOOK-

How I know this is THE HOOK is because a volunteer leader in our ministry is the one who designed it.  From start to finish he explained how they had to make it, why it is made with the certain angles & design it has in full detail.  It's very impressive how successful this hook can be because of its design.

I have this hook in my office right now & i've looked at if often with a recurring thought.  
"The design of this hook is successful by not allowing a 4,000lb shark cannot get away.  What has successfully hooked me that I cannot get away from?"

James 1:14 is a verse that I've taught on and come back to as a reminder.  I am lured & enticed by my own desires.  To know how to identify the lures that work in my life I have to be able to address my desires.  Often those desires have a selfish motivation.  Desires are about me.  Desires allow me to be lured to a place that can be harmful to me or those around me.
Those desires can lead me to a place of sin & destruction.  

The size of this hook is massive.  The weight of this hook is surprising.  The efficiency of this hook is incredible.  I think Satan uses hooks like this...I just want to avoid them.

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