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Monday, May 28, 2012

Reflect before you React

Growing up in my house as a kid my observation was reacting immediately to a crisis, concern, issue, problem, incident was how you handle EVERY circumstance.  Now when you almost slice off a finger while whittling soap this is a good thing.  But the bigger point is I didn't really learn how to handle tough situations until I went through several & mishandled them.  

I never have like attending the school of hard-knocks but I've learned quickly from my enrollment there on several life issues.
In the last few weeks my leadership & my family have had to face some very difficult incidents, frustrations, questions & challenges.  With each one I've had the ability to "breathe".

B-Break from the chaos.  It could be going for a run, literally taking a breath to clear my head or sleeping on an issue.  Each circumstance is different but I try to take a break from whatever I'm looking at for a small amount of time to look at it with fresh eyes or a fresh perspective.

R-Research.  Regardless of the incident or circumstance there is always research you can do to inform yourself or those you are involved with.  My research needs to be accurate, well informed & to the best of my ability unbiased.

E-Expose the lie.  It is very easy to buy into certain lies that "Life should be..." or "I need this to ....".  I cannot buy into a lie that'll hurt me or others.  I also may need to expose the lie others, whom are close to the situation, may be living in.  This is never fun nor easy, but I've learned this is a crucial step for the longevity of healthy lifestyles.

A- Attentive to Christ & the moving of the Holy Spirit.  I need to be attentive to where, how & why God is moving or speaking to me.  I need to be able to follow the Wisdom Jesus would want me to be aware of instead of my own philosophy of life.  (Colossians 2:8)

T-Talk with others.  I cannot go through certain decisions, challenges or life alone.  I need others to care for me, pray for me, encourage me & help direct my thoughts to place that will be God honoring as well as the best decisions for myself & my family.  I have people whom I know well enough that regardless of what the issue is I can pick up a phone or send an email knowing they'll receive it & me with grace and love.

H-Heart.  My heart is to Love Jesus, Honor my marriage & raise my sons.  At the end of the day I cannot let anything invade that space or destroy it.  (Proverbs 4:23)

E-Expect God to move.  That moving is never exactly how I want Him to or expect Him to, but I believe Jesus is rise and therefore He will move in my life cause I am giving him space to.  If Jesus rose from the dead it changes everything about our lives, including what can happen from one moment to the next, regardless of what we face, following Christ has to be at the center of it all.

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