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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

History of man & God

"In the bible the realness of God came first, and the task was how to live in a way compatible with His presence. Man's coexistence with God determines the course of history"
Abraham Heschel

If this is true of a faith system in a deity then what might this reveal about how mankind has represented their God/deity?

Based on the course of history what does this say about how mankind has viewed God & a coexistence with God?What about you? 

What does your life reveal about how you live life in relationship to God?

What course of history with God is your life revealing?

There are times when you come across a thought, quote or idea that makes you stop & think.  This was one for me.  Mankind has created for itself a marked litmus test saying that a connection with God is negotiable in some geographical settings and in others life depends on God.

I often say all you have to do is open your eyes in the morning, look at a child, stare at a flower, smile at a stranger & listen to the voice of a loved one and you'll experience God in a deeper way than you can image.

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